TERMS & CONDITIONS for booking golf holidays through Golfgaga Greens Pvt Ltd


Golfers need to adhere to local CLUB rules for their tee time booking to be valid. Failure to comply with the same MAY disqualify you from playing your round. Golfgaga will not be held liable or responsible for any costs that you may incur directly or indirectly because of the same.
G1) The Club rules & golf course rules must be strictly adhered to.
G2) Wherever applicable if a Golf Cart is required you need to book a game with a cart.
G3) Dress Code: Proper golf attire is required. Collarless shirts/T-shirts and denim jeans are NOT allowed. Golf shoes must have soft spikes.
G4) In many of the courses members have priority on the course. Please give them a pass should they request for one.
G5) The Club reserves the right to close the course to tourists/ visitors at any time if conditions so warrant.
G6) When you get to the course your golf bag must be dropped at the bag drop area or Golf reception as the case maybe. In some cases you need to secure a bag tag from the Caddy master that has to be presented at the golf registration desk. The bag tag is required for them to generate a PASSPORT/CASH card which you can use for buying F&B on the course & at the restaurant. Cash is usually not accepted at some of the courses for F&B. Entries are made on this PASSPORT/Cash card and you need to settle the amount after the game at the Golf Registration desk. The baggage tag is then returned to you so that you can claim your bag on the way out.
G7) A tee time does not allow you to bring along guests to the Club or golf course
G8) You need to carry a valid handicap card showing your Golf handicap & produce the same if the golf club so desires.
G9) You will be liable for any damage you may cause at the Club to property and/or injury to any person on or off the course.
G10) If the golf course where you have booked a tee time decides to have a golf tournament or is closed to visitors on the day of the booking we will offer you an alternate golf course/ venue to play at. If there is an additional cost of green fee or transfer fee then you need to pay the difference in amounts. Similarly if there is a refund because of the green fee/transfer fee being lower the same will be refunded to you net of bank transfer fees.
G11) Please ensure that you report to the golf course at least 45 minutes before your tee time. Failure to report on time or missing your tee time may mean cancellation of your tee time. The starter at the golf course & the management will decide if they can give you an alternate tee time & their decision will be final.
G12) When you travel in a group all group members are governed by the above terms & conditions.


P1) We require PAYMENT In FULL for the confirmation of your booking unless otherwise stated.
P2) The fees and charges of bank remittances or Credit card fee if applicable will be charged to you & you need to pay for the same while transferring the money or paying by card. Any shortfalls will be deemed as payment not received in FULL. Currently payment through Credit card does NOT incur any extra fee on the Golfgaga payment platform.
P3) PAYMENTS need to be made as per agreed upon schedule. The pricing on this website is valid for all payments made 30 days before the first tee time date.
P4) Failure to pay in full before the deadline will automatically cancel your booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
P5) CANCELLATION: Should you wish to cancel your trip please send us an email from the same ID which you used to make a booking. The terms of the cancellation are relative to the first day of your stay or your first tee time day (whichever is earlier) & are as follows:

  • CANCELLATION made 30 days prior to the start date– 50% refund of the full price
  • CANCELLATION made less than 14 days to the start date– No refunds

P6) Cancellations will be processed within 15 working days as we need to get refunds from golf courses & hotels. All cancellations will be net of bank fees /transfer fees amount or any other fee that Golfgaga incurs.


OT1) Golfgaga reserves the right to change the price of the tour package without notice should fluctuations occur in the pricing of hotels, golf courses, fuel costs or currency rates. There will be no change however in pricing however once you have paid your tour package price in full UNLESS otherwise stated.
OT2) Any costs not mentioned in the package or incurred by you are extra & need to be settled by you directly.